Wednesday Pompton Away @ Carlough field
Garden Rd & Ringwood Ave
Note, game locations and start times have changed!
Check the calendar!
We will be using Fireman's Field for some practices throughout the spring
COME FULLY DRESSED, all gear on except helmet.
Listed times are START times, not arrival times.
Please arrive early and be ready.


Registration for BHV Spring 2021

Boonton & Lincoln Park Boys grades 2-8

Step 1

Renew your child's US Lacrosse membership here.

( if you are a first time player, you'll need to register for a US Lacrosse membership.)

Step 2

To register for the Hills & Valley Spring season, navigate to

Sports Engine using this link.

Bring your US Lacrosse membership number with you!


About our Teams

Team 234

   Head coach Stephen Reed

   Assistant coach Greg Hudak

   Grades 2, 3, and 4

   Primarily 7v7 format

   Practices 6pm-7pm usually Tuesday and Thursday

   (occasionally Saturday afternoon)

   Practice season begins March 9!

   Boonton HS Turf

   Some equipment is available for loan.  

Team 56

   Head coach Matt Mondino

   Assistant coach Jon Eramian

   Grades 5 and 6

   10 v10 format

   Practices usually MWF  6:00pm - 7:15 pm &  Sat 2:00-3:00

   (some games on Saturday afternoon in April- May) 

   Practices begin Saturday 3/6/21 !  Games start April 1.

   Boonton HS Turf

Team 78

   Head Coach Andy Larsen

   Grades 7 and 8

   10 v 10 format

   Practices 6:30 - 8:00 M, W, F ,  This Saturday 12:00 - 1:30

   Practices begin Saturday 3/6/21 !  Games start April 1.

   Boonton HS Turf


• Cost should never be the limiting factor for kids playing lax.  

We have some equipment available for loan and have a grant program if you require temporary assistance.... all you have to do is ask and we'll figure it out. 

• Bring a friend!  It is scientifically proven that kids have more fun when they are with their friends. Encourage your child's classmates to join him!

• Listed practice start times are when practices start.  Players should come fully dressed except for helmet & gloves.  We intend to start practices promptly and minimize loitering and lingering this year.   Please have the players on time and ready to go.

• Younger players on the grade 234 and novice players on the 56 teams may require additional assistance with selecting and fitting their equipment.  These players should arrive 15 minutes earlier.

• Get involved!  We are a small local organization.  There is no "they".  It is "we".  Get involved!  We can always use assistance with team parents, covid screening collection, fundraising, gear and swag, coaching, and more!   At the younger levels we can always use a set of eyes and hands to assist.  There's something for parents of all ability and experience levels.  Ask.  Get involved.  


• Arrive dressed except for your helmet and gloves.  

• If your helmet is off, your gaiter/mask is on.  If your helmet is on, your mouthpiece is in.  

• The #1 thing you can do to help yourself and the team is to work at your skill set.  Ask how to improve, not if you can play a position. 

• The the best use of your time at practice is to improve your skill set. 

• Be sure that you have read the Covid protocols and the Sportsmanship guidelines.  It's important.



• Some of the best lacrosse players in the world are girls.  Fact. 

• Want to play lax?  Girls lax has slightly different rules.

• Girls should learn the "right way" to play the girls game from the professional girls lax coaches. 

• Parsippany Phoenix Girls Lax will graciously and happily accept Boonton girls for registration.  

• They run a great program and, like Hills & Valley, their coaches are fully accredited and certified

• Go LAX!  Click this link for more info:  Parsippany Lacrosse Club

A look ahead at games.

Please note, there are grade 45678 Tournaments on

Saturday 6/5 and Sunday 6/6