Registration for the Spring Lacrosse season is Open!

    Your First Step in registering for any lacrosse activity is to

    renew your US Lacrosse membership


    This qualifies you for insurance at any lacrosse event.

    Use the link below to search for your US Lacrosse membership information, renew a membership, or sign up for your first time.  

    Once you have a renewed US Lax membership you can register for the Spring Season using the link below.

    Get in before the new year at the "early bird special" rate of

    $125 grades 5-8, $100 grades 2-4


    information about winter novice clinics


    winter intermediate clinics

    Additional winter, summer, and fall lax opportunities

    with clubs and leagues in our region

    "I wish I hadn't spent so much time practicing my weak hand during the summer"

     said no lacrosse player, ever. 

    Contact us:

    Spring Season  

    Free Clinics      

    Like us on Facebook!   @BoontonLax

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